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  • Easy USB Charge
  • Cordless Design
  • No Fuss Clean
  • Whisper Quiet


Our "Bliss Babes & Blokes" rigorously test our toys. If you don't LOVE your purchase, our 30-day PLEASURE GUARANTEE allows you to return the item for a store credit at your cost, no questions asked. Contact us with your order number to arrange the return, and the toy must be returned within 30 days of delivery. This guarantee applies only to sex toys, and the store credit can be used across our range online or at one of our many Stay Bliss sex toy parties.

Step 1. Charge desired Kegel for 120 minutes before use.

Step 2. Remove battery cover. (battery provided)

Step 3. Once charged, fully insert the device into your vagina, keeping the retraction cord outside the body for easier removal after your workout. We recommend starting with the 65g weight first. You may decide to use Kegel weights without the vibration.

Step 4. You will feel the vibrations which will signal the start of the exercise routine. And now you just need to - start working out! Take a stroll, walk around your home and enjoy the sensation of Heidi Kegel Weight System working for you.

How to use Heidi the Kegel Love Egg Kit with a partner?

Step 1. Charge desired Love Egg for 120 minutes before use.

Step 2. Remove battery cover (battery provided)

Step 3. Once charged, fully insert the device into your vagina, keeping the retraction cord outside the body for easier removal. Simply hand the remote to your partner for a transformative foreplay experience that begins before they even enter the room. They control the settings hu

We recommend you clean Heidi after every use simply with soap and water or a special sex toy cleaner suitable for silicone. Method: Lather the toy with soap then rinse. No need to fully immerse the toy in water. Do not place it in a dishwasher, washing machine or other household appliances.

Do not forget to fully charge ready for next use then store in a clean, cool, dry place.

Warning: Do not use whilst charging!!! Be patient and wait until it’s fully charged and disconnected before using again.

When using lubricant, use a water-based lubricant (silicone-based lubricants do not suit silicone sex toys).

Heidi is suitable for light shower use (up to 10 minutes), but not for bath use.

Solo Sensations: Indulge in some self-love and explore the 10 intensity options of the Heidi Love Egg Vibrator at your own pace. Let the vibrations tease and please you as you discover new erogenous zones and unlock waves of pleasure.

Partner Play: Invite your partner to join in on the fun and hand over the wireless remote control for a thrilling shared experience. Switch things up between you as you take turns exploring each other's desires and unleashing intense sensations that will leave you both breathless.

Sensual Shower Time: Take your pleasure to the next level by incorporating the Heidi Love Egg Vibrator into a steamy shower sess. The waterproof design allows you to explore new heights of ecstasy in the comfort of warm water, creating a sensual and relaxing experience like no other.

Date Night Surprise: Spice up your date nights by wearing the Heidi Love Egg Vibrator discreetly while out on the town. Hand over the remote control to your partner and let them tease you from across the table, building anticipation for a night of passion that awaits.

Embrace the versatility and power of the Heidi Love Egg Vibrator to enhance your pleasure and create unforgettable moments of intimacy with yourself or your partner. Enjoy the journey of exploration and discovery with this playful and powerful toy!

Our friendly team is always ready to help! No question is too hard. Whether you're buying a gift and have no idea where to start or you're new to the world of sex toys, we're here to help. Please chat below instantly or alternatively email us here

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